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by Chris Nevil, Brentwood on Blank Business Name

The true measure of a professional isn’t how the person handles a simple or trouble-free process. Much as we’d all have preferred that kind of journey, it wasn’t to be. You showed persistence, determination, creativity and patience in continuing to pursue this outcome through all of the seemingly endless slings and arrows. Thank you for being a true professional, and a joy to work with

by Lisa Cohen, Brentwood on Blank Business Name

Hi Elyse, I’m sure you know that the unit next door to me is on the market. I went over to the open house today and let me just say YOU are the BEST. This realtor does not have all the beautiful flyers and slick pictures that you do and did not have the homeowner fine tune the unit the way you advised me. You are an exceptional realtor

by Linda and Henk Van Eeghen, Beverly Hills on Blank Business Name

Elyse Arbour is fantastic. The selling of our home of 16 years was an emotional and stressful endeavor; without Elyse we could not have made it through the process. The qualities we most highly value were her honest, sense of fairness and straight-shooting. We are so happy to have her as our broker and feel that no one else could have, would have, gotten us through this experience better.

by Fadi Chahin, Brentwood on Blank Business Name

Elyse provided us with a superb professional and timely service. She was knowledgeable, kind, personal and honest. We recommend her services without any reservation and will be happy to serve as a reference for future clients to the excellence of the service quality.

by Thomas Holcomb, Brentwood on Blank Business Name

I live out of state and when my brother died in 2012 I was looking for a realtor and was given Elyse’s name by my brother’s neighbor. I cannot tell you the confidence that the Elyse/Anita team has instilled in us with their professional attention to details and explanations of what they had done and what was still to be done. I cannot tell you how vital it is for someone to KNOW that their business is being handled with both confidence and professionalism.

by Felice Hartenstein, Beverly Hills on Blank Business Name

Elyse was AMAZING!! The first time I met both agents Elyse was the one who had a strategic plan to sell the house quickly. Elyse told me agents and prospective buyers would know we were serious about selling and would come in with their top dollars. Low and behold things went exactly as Elyse had said. The house sold within 2 weeks of the first open house and for $350,000 over the asking price. If not for Elyse I don’t believe we would have ever achieved this end result. I was so impressed with Elyse’s dynamic energy to get the job done in my best interest. If you’re selling a home and want to see results hire Elyse. She will make whatever transition you are going through” as effortless as possible.

by Jon and Susan Brown, Brentwood on Blank Business Name

You have made selling a home feel seamless. Seriously, I know it has been enormously helpful to both of us to have a team we could work with around our schedules and practically around the clock. You ladies are efficient!

by Kathy Wilson, Brentwood on Blank Business Name

My favorite agent in the whole world!!!! I just want you to know how very grateful I am for the fantastic job you did for us with the sale of my mom’s house. You took care of everything so efficiently and timely and with such professionalism. As you know I was having a real hard time dealing with the sale of the house, but you helped me get through it and I so appreciate that

by Robin Stampe, Brentwood on Blank Business Name

I want to thank you for being such a wonderful, EXEPTIONAL! Agent to work with. Every single day I thank my lucky star that we went with you. You found the right buyer for our property, you looked out for our interests every step of the way.To all your potential clients, I have just one thing to say: Hire Elyse! You won’t be disappointed. There are a lot of agents out there but Elyse is one of a kind when it comes to her work ethic, her positive attitude, excellent marketing and her attention to detail. I am so grateful to you, Elyse for all your hard work!

by Sarah Zapp, Brentwood on Blank Business Name

Without Elyse, we would NEVER have gotten our Brentwood home. We’d been searching and searching for a home in a very specific neighborhood. It took time and a lot of work, but eventually she did it. While she can’t control inventory or the market, I can’t imagine there’s an agent who will work harder.

by Steve K, Brentwood on Blank Business Name

We first met Elyse Arbour when we asked her to represent us in 2012 on the sale of our deceased cousin’s home in Brentwood, California. Despite the fact that we were unfamiliar with Elyse, we initially contacted her based on our cousin’s request that upon her death, we use Elyse to sell the property. While we first approached the situation with a natural trepidation, any concerns we had quickly disappeared after our first meeting with Elyse. During that initial meeting, Elyse took the time to gain a clear understanding of our circumstances and to listen to our perspective regarding the planned sale of the house. Elyse then offered her view of the situation and diplomatically walked us through her suggestions as to how we should proceed. Elyse took the time to make sure we were comfortable with the suggested approach. Over the next few months, Elyse and her incredible staff worked very closely with us. Elyse never ceased to amaze us as she tirelessly marketed the property and, on a daily basis, kept us up-to-date on any developments. Without a doubt, Elyse’s hard work and guidance played a major role in ensuring the successful sale of our house. When attempting to describe Elyse, certain words come to mind…knowledgeable, dependable, tenacious, thorough, patient, caring and a consummate professional with high integrity. It was truly a pleasure working with Elyse Arbour and, based upon our experience, I would recommend her without reservation to anyone trying to find the “right” realtor.

by David Lazarus, Westwood Hills on Blank Business Name

I would like to express our thanks to you. Your knowledge, accurate assessment, abilities and most importantly genuine and sincere manner made our transaction easy and smooth. I have confidence that we have the best results possible with you

by Jackie and Andy Raymond, Brentwood on Blank Business Name

We would like to commend Elyse Arbour. At all times, Elyse was the delightful combination of professionalism, charm enthusiasm and caring. We have come to consider her out friend

by Arnie and Annie Siegel, Brentwood on Blank Business Name

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you. We would, without a doubt, recommend you to anyone that we know who needs the services of a real estate agent. I have been involved in over 300 sales and purchases over the years and feel that the level of service you provided to us was above and beyond. You are the best agent there is in the area

by Elaine and Jim Smith, Brentwood on Blank Business Name

You are one of the hardest working real estate agents we’ve ever known and your diligence, professionalism and resources really impressed us. You were always ready, willing and able to assist us in all aspects of our sale

by Eric Barron and Wenise Wong, Brentwood on Blank Business Name

We feel like you looked out for our interest as though they were your own

by Dr. Fabrio, Westwood on Blank Business Name

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We were so lucky to have you on our side. Your kindness, enthusiasm, professionalism, priceless suggestions and support made our dream come true. We will always be thankful

by Gayle Barrett on Blank Business Name

Elyse is the best. She is able to recognize what is special about a property and get potential buyers to recognize the specialness. This skill allows her to sell properties at a much higher price than other agents.Other agents thought we should get $675,000 to $700,000 because our place was small. In fact Zillow only thinks it is worth $673,000. Elyse sold for $750,000. She got us 11 offers over 700,000 including 5 offers between 750,000 and 775,000!!! When people say they already have a relationship with a realtor, I say "is it worth leaving $25,000-$50,000 on the table???" And she can make the appraiser see why your house is worth that high price.Besides getting us a high sales price, she smoothed the water when we ran into terrible difficulties due to an unscrupulous inspector. She got things back on track and moving again. She doesn't give up when the going gets tough.I cannot recommend her more highly. When it comes to listing and selling your house, no one is better than Elyse Arbour.

by Joel Klein on Blank Business Name

Best prepared agent we interviewed. Knows area, values, history. Hard working, thorough and considerate. Goes extra mile when you need her to. Even helped me with an issue after we closed and moved out. Recommended Elyse to a friend (best compliment you can give someone) and they were equally pleased. Would not hesitate to recommend Elyse to anyone looking to sell/buy property where Elyse is active.

by Essi Tehran on Blank Business Name

Hi Elyse, I’d like to take a few minutes to express my gratitude towards you and your services. It has truly been a pleasure knowing you & working with you. I want you to know that before I chose you as my agent, I had a lot of recommendations from people around and heard such amazing things about you. I have to say that it was the best decision I made because I was not only able to experience all that on my own while working with you, but you truly helped me with all of my needs and requirements, you made my life and the experience during the process very easy and smooth, your honesty and integrity was very forward, your experience in the industry and pricing my condo was on point, and above all this, you have truly been a wonderful friend throughout the time we worked together while you were my agent. I greatly appreciate you and all that you have delivered for me. Thank you!!!

We used Elyse to sell our place in Brentwood. She was excellent in finding the best deal for us. I have recommended her to many of my friends and will use her again myself.